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Autumn Menu 2022

Monday - Thursday :: 3pm - 9pm#

Friday :: 3pm - 10pm#

Saturday :: 3pm - 10pm#

#Times may vary

Prices range from $6.75-60.00*


*Some items are market priced and may be out of this general price range.


Housemade Artichoke Spinach Dip

Artichoke hearts & baby spinach, cream cheese & parmesan served with freshly baked naan.

Extra naan or baguette 

Boar Potato Fritters

Braised boar and smashed potato, truffle sauce and chives

      Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms (5) 
Artichoke hearts, baby spinach, cream cheese, parmesan and balsamic glaze


Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, pesto, balsamic glaze and fresh basil


Chase’s Mac n Cheese 
Creamy three cheese pasta served in a cast iron skillet.
(Option to add crumbed bacon, chicken, brisket)


Crab Cakes 

House-made seared crab cakes on a pool of spicy remoulade, topped with citrus vinaigrette slaw

Crispy Cauliflower

Cauliflower made crispy with two dipping sauces and sprinkled with sesame seed — caramelized onion roasted

garlic aioli and Buffalo bleu cheese

Duck Crostini 

Confit duck, sweet pickled Serrano chilis, chimichurri, sage tarragon aioli on toasted points

Smoked Beef Brisket Flatbread

Slow hickory smoked brisket with horseradish cream, green onion, and sliced melted Havarti

Strawberry Basil Crostini 

Roasted strawberries, fresh basil, honey and goat cheese spread on rounds of toasted baguette

Truffle Fries
Crispy coated truffle salted fries  served with caramelized 
onion dipping sauce.
Optional “Kid Version” with sea salt and ketchup

Wine Sides for Two

Toasted bread slices served with a variety of cheeses, fruit, nuts, olives, fig jam and cured meats


Waygu Stuffed Jalapeños

Three Cheese Blend, Ground Waygu, Bacon bits and topped with Sage Tarragon Aioli


Wagyu Meatballs

Waygu Meatballs topped with herbed goat cheese, housemate BBQ Sauce and served with toasted points


(Optional :: Add avocado, grilled chicken, sliced steak or shrimp to almost any salad)


Chase’s Caesar
Hearts of romaine, house-made croutons and dressing, topped with parmesan


The Chase Wedge
Romaine wedge, cherry tomato, pickled onions, crumbled bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and grilled

BBQ tri-tip topped with chimichurri and finished with bleu cheese dressing

Chasian Salad

Sliced grilled pork flat iron steak, mixed greens, cabbage slaw, sliced bell peppers, sesame seeds, cilantro and crispy wontons tossed in a ginger and soy vinaigrette

Cheeseburger Salad 
Mixed lettuces with tomatoes, red onion, pickles, shredded jack/cheddar tossed with grilled
burger in a “secret ranch” dressing. 


Apple Cobb Salad 
Mixed greens, honey crisp apples, craisins, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, pepitas and bacon served with a house made apple thyme vinaigrette dressing


House Salad
Romaine lettuce & mixed green with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and house croutons with choice of dressing

House-made dressings include:  Creamy Ranch, Bleu Cheese, or Caesar

Balsamic, Grilled Citrus, Ginger/Soy, or Apple Thyme Vinaigrettes

Wood-Fire Grilled

Tomahawk Dry Aged Ribeye (when available) Market Price
32 day dry aged prime bone in beef ribeye served with loaded (butter, sour cream, chives) garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables

...option to add shrimp 

New York Cut 

16 oz Wanderer Free Range NY cut, pasture raised, barley finished, fired to order, served with garlic mashed potatoes and broccolini

Angus Beef Bone in Ribeye 
20oz Angus steak, seasoned, fired to order, served with our mushroom gravy, vegetables and choice of potato

Surf & Turf 
8oz Wanderer Free Range Filet, pasture raised, barley finished, fired to order, red wine thyme demi-glace, served with shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables — no hormones non GMO —
...option for Steak only 

Prime Butler Steak 

10oz prime steak, fired to order then sliced and served with garlic mashed potatoes, broccolini and topped with chimichurri

Crown Roast Pork 
Bone-in Iowa Duroc smoked mignon of pork, cut to order and glazed to perfection with a smoked pepper BBQ glaze and served with a roasted corn succotash (size of rack to be cut varies with each delivery)

Lamb Burger 
Half pound lamb patty topped with arugula, cumin aioli and goat cheese on a brioche bun served with a side with fries.

New Zealand Pamu Farms Venison

Lean and buttery with gentle richness, grilled then sliced, served over parsnip purée, crispy Brussel sprouts and topped with a date balsamic reduction

The Naked Burger* 
Half pound hand crafted special blend grilled patty on buttery brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion,

and our Chase’s special spread with crispy pickles all served on the side with fries.
Load it up with avocado, Hobbs bacon, egg, and/or cheese (cheddar / bleu / goat / provolone or artisan cheeses) 

*available substitutions include turkey burger or beyond burger for an additional 

Chef Specialties

Fresh Seasonal Fish          Market Price

Your server will provide details or check the home page for the catch of the week

Vegan Risotto   
Arborio rice served with snap peas, red bell pepper, wild mushrooms, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and topped with sliced avocado            

Option to add shrimp, chicken, sliced prime Butler steak

Chase’s Lemon Chicken 

   (Option to substitute (4) Shrimp)
Deeply marinated chicken breast with our lemon glaze, seasoning and herbs, fire grilled, served atop tossed sweet tomato, spinach, linguine and sprinkled with parmesan.

Wagyu Meatloaf 
8oz Wagyu meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, broccolini, topped with house made tomato Demi

glaze, and crispy shallots

Smoked Brisket
Sliced smoked brisket topped with house made bbq sauce served with garlic mashed and broccolini

Chicken Fried Chicken 
8oz tenderized chicken breast, house breaded and made crisp, served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and our seasoned milk gravy.

Roasted Ragout Shrimp Pasta

Linguine, light roasted tomato ragout, cream, prawns & fried spinach

Braised Wild Boar

Slowly braised wild boar shoulder served with root vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes and topped with a black truffle reduction



Extensive wine selections.  Tapped & bottled beers.  Full bar.

Tropical or Regular brewed iced teas, soft drinks, lemonade

French press coffee

Assorted hot teas



Prices subject to change, one check per table, please.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness

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